Aquarius Monthly Horoscope – Aquarius Horoscope for March 2023 From the AstroTwins

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This month is especially charged for you, Aquarius, and it opens with your sign in the spotlight! On August 1, the night skies are painted with the annual Aquarius full moon, illuminating your first house of visibility, action and solo desires. A personal goal that you’ve worked toward since your birthday could reach a peak or transition point.

But this Aquarius full moon is extra special because it’s the first of a rare TWO full moons that will bookend August, both of them potent supermoons. On August 30, a second full moon will arrive in Pisces and your money and security sector. Pour your energy into a personal passion early in the month and you could be making that dream a reality—even monetizing it—before fall.

Focusing on your own preoccupations is a good idea for a lot of reasons this month. For starters, there are FOUR planets powered-down in retrograde motion for the entire August, and by the end of the month, that count goes up to six. It’s a good time to hunker down and finish something you’ve started, working behind the scenes. The splashy debuts can wait until the second half of September!


The most disruptive retrograde is likely to be Venus, the planet of love, harmony and attraction. From July 22 to September 3, Venus is retrograde in Leo and your partnership house, doubling tension with others. This backspin could make you second-guess a key person’s intentions or get a case of cold feet for the next six weeks. Whether in a romantic relationship or a business contract, you may need to take a step back and clarify what both parties want. Any knee-jerk decisions to cut ties could be regrettable. Slow down and think it over. 

When diplomatic Venus retrograde turns on her OOO autoresponder, rude and ungracious behavior increases. Careful not to lash out at the people closest to you when you feel misunderstood. It will take extra effort to create compromise this month, but it’s worth the effort. Use techniques like mirroring and active listening to make sure other people feel heard and that your message gets across.

Lean into those skills when Virgo season begins on August 23, because Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, turns retrograde that day, scrambling signals until September 15. Virgo rules your eighth house of intimacy, investments and joint ventures. You’ll need to be even more mindful of who you get into bed with—literally and metaphorically—for the next three weeks. Hold off on signing any binding contracts if you can.

For the final flourish, your ruling planet Uranus turns retrograde on August 28 for its annual five-month backspin. Uranus is in Taurus and your domestic fourth house, which could slow down any big changes on your homefront. A family member, most likely a female relative, may need some extra attention now. This could create unexpected changes of schedule and planning. If you’re a parent or are caring for elderly loved ones, you may need some extra support this fall. Get yourself the backup you need and don’t try to do it all alone!

While the slowdowns may be frustrating, don’t despair. You may actually welcome the opportunity to get your life and relationships in order. Clarify expectations and communication.  Make sure you have the support you need for your personal and professional goals to properly soar. When the Pisces full supermoon arrives on August 30, you have a great opportunity to prioritize and simplify. Take this moment to set up a sustainable “back to school” plan for yourself. Make your exit from any projects or responsibilities that drain your energy so you can give your best to the things that feed your soul!

Leo season spotlights relationships until August 23

August kicks off with the Sun in loyal Leo until August 23, heating up your seventh house of partnerships and mutuality. Typically, August is the time of year when relationships feel their most vibrant for you. 

But this Leo season, love planet Venus will be retrograde (from July 22 to September 3, to be exact), which can disrupt the flow of your closest bonds. Your ties could be tested now. Silver lining: Do any necessary repair work and you could emerge with even stronger connections if you do the work and put in the time.

What can you do to bring harmony and balance to your most important connections—and to ensure that the effort is mutual? This goes for both business and personal relationships, and even tight friendships. What are you doing to assure things are fair and (relatively) equal in the give-and-take department? 

If you feel the need to kickstart the mutuality, it won’t hurt to give a little extra now. Your loving gestures, if genuine, will be well received (and hopefully reciprocated). Did you break someone’s trust—or they yours? Use Venus retrograde to repair, not despair. A genuine commitment on both sides to make things right, perhaps with the help of a professional therapist or coach, can strengthen your bond when you get to the other side of this matter.

If you’re already feeling solid and balanced, now’s the time to join forces with your partner and get things back on equal footing. Remember romance? Little acts can turn summer’s heat up to surprisingly steamy levels.

The Aquarius full supermoon spotlights YOU on August 1

Come out, come out! Right on August 1, the year’s only Aquarius full moon activates your first house of self and identity, shining a flattering light on all yourclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” personal endeavors. It’s also a potent supermoon, so plug in for a lightning-fast charge of inspiration!

This is the ONE day of Leo season when you definitely don’t want to play backup or wait around for others to join your  mission. Take action, be courageous and put yourself out there! For clues of what might manifest now, look back to the January 21 Aquarius new moon. An important desire, perhaps one of your 2023 resolutions, could benefit from your attention. 

The August 16 Leo new moon is a time to focus on partnership

The togetherness vibe gets an added boost with the year’s only new moon in Leo and your commitment zone on August 16. Are you ready to make things official with the person you’ve been “casually” dating? A partner might want to talk about next steps. Of course (we sound like a broken record now), VENUS IS FREAKING RETROGRADE, so see how things unfold in the next two weeks…and even hold off until after September 3 before making any life-altering or relationship status-changing decisions. 

New moons can take up to six months to fully manifest. Someone you meet near this date may turn out to have long-term keeper potential: You’ll find out between now and early 2024 when the Aquarius full moon brings things to fruition.

It’s not just Venus retrograde complicating this new moon, though. Your ruling planet Uranus will throw shade at la luna from your domestic zone as the two clash in a heated square. A family member or household situation could disrupt your romantic plans, perhaps with an unexpected curveball or maybe even a passive-aggressive move. 

Either way, keep your emotions in check and do NOT take the volcano-detonating bait anyone dangles. Be careful not to lean too heavily on just one person for support. The stress, resentment and guilt will only get under both oclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” f your skin, leading to a senseless fight. With the new moon in close proximity to Lilith, the “dark moon” point, a flash of anger could turn into an electrical storm quickly.

The Sun enters Virgo August 23 and things start feeling intense

On August 23, the Sun plunges into Virgo and your private, intimate eighth house. For the next month, you could deep-dive into a mission that involves a lot of research. A relationship or detailed undertaking may become all-consuming—and secrets could be revealed. 

Watch for tunnel vision, but screen out distractions if you need to power through a task that requires concentration. The eighth house also rules property, assets and joint ventures. If you’ve been looking at a real-estate or other long-term financial investment, Virgo season could present some exciting new options. You may be offered a financial opportunity that could yield hefty returns or be invited into a joint initiative.

But…Mercury turns retrograde from August 23 to September 15

You really migclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ht want to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign starting August 23, when Mercury—the planet of technology, communication and travel—turns retrograde in Virgo and scrambles signals with your closest people. Back up any sensitive data, from racy photos to classified documents. Increase your privacy settings, strengthen passwords and guard against identity theft while tech-titan Mercury’s awry.

This is a fruitful period for addressing any resentments or fissures in your most important relationships. The eighth house governs all the ways we merge our energies, assets and resources with others. If any of that feels off-kilter, Mercury retrograde is a good time to hash out a better distribution of power and energy. 

You don’t have to split everything 50/50, but the contributions you both make to the collective pot DO have to feel fair all around. Hold off on signing any contracts until the retrograde ends if possible—or at least have any legal documents reviewed by an attorney and make sure you feel comfortable with the terms.  

Money matters at the Sun-Saturn opposition on August 27

Has splurging become your new normal, Aquarius? Today’s cosmic brawl between the decadent Sun and conservative Saturn calls for an economic correction. At this once-a-year Sun-Saturn opposition a tough but needed budgetary review is in order. A close look at your bank account may reveal the need to curb your spending, stat. 

But don’t swing to the opposite extreme. There’s no reason to start living like a Benedictine monk. Draw up a spreadsheet to assess your budget and determine where you could make a few essential cuts. If you have bigger purchases coming up, start setting aside funds. With careful planning, you’ll still be able to live large without spending to the max.

Uranus turns retrograde in your domestic house on August 28

Friction at Chateau Water Bearer? On August 28, Uranus begins its annual five-month retrograde. Between now and January 27, the planet of liberation will reverse through your fourth house of home, family and emotional foundations. Do your best to find a calm center, because your nest may not provide that with consistency.

From house-hunting to a changing cast of characters under your roof to possible babymaking, Uranus is here to stir the pot. If you’ve been waiting for news about adoption or IVF, the retrograde could deliver that. A trailblazing woman who’s not afraid to be totally authentic could enter your orbit while Uranus is in Taurus. If you’ve been dealing with a disruptive family member or a rebellious child, you may find the help you need.

Two for one lunar special: incoming! This August 30 features a rare bonus full moon, AKA a blue moon. Also a supermoon, this one is in Pisces and your grounded second house. Under these bold beams, you could have a moment of clarity, a chance to prioritize and make an action plan. 

If you’ve been waiting for word on finances or work, you could finally hear concrete news. This full moon can also bring a confidence boost when you need it most. Don’t wait for other people to call the shots or make a decision for you. Be firm and self-authorized today, Aquarius and lean in to leadership. If nobody steps up to the plate then…tag, you’re it!

Work it out or let it go? You may be grappling with dilemmas in your dynamic duos this month. That’s all thanks to Venus, which is retrograde in Leo and your seventh house of partnerships. This notoriously cranky six-week cycle happens every 18 months and can disrupt the harmony of our closest ties. Hosting it in your relationship corner ups the odds of this.

So, Aquarius, what have you been ignoring that you really need or desire? Venus retrograde invites you to look in those shadowy corners and get honest—with yourself and, if coupled, with your mate. Following this curiosity with “I don’t know” is perfectly fine. Just don’t stop there. Who knows? Figuring out what turns your love lights on now, at this phase of your life, could end up being a magical and meaningful time of discovery.

From August 13 to 18, Venus is making its “inferior conjunction” with the Sun, meaning it will disappear from our view. This is THE window of opportunity to finally put old patterns to bed. And if you do, the Leo new moon on August 16 could bring an olive branch or a chance to start fresh. It might be a baby step since Venus is retrograde until September 3, but take one of these every day, and your efforts will add up.

With Mars blazing through earthily sensual Virgo and your erotic eighth house all month (until August 27), your seductive and sizzling superpowers are cranked up full blast. The red-hot planet hasn’t visited this chart sector for two years, and some Aquarians are making up for lost time! 

That’s not to say it’s all fun and (naughty) games. Mars ratchets up passion but also increases competition, jealousy, tension and paranoia. And this will only get stronger once Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo from August 23 to September 15.

Monitor your emotions as they arise and catch yourself before you go on the attack. Chances are you’re blowing up a molehill. If there are legit complaints, however, take the high road and initiate a calm, loving dialogue, perhaps with a mediator.

You might be feeling ready to make things permanent—or possibly you’re having the exact opposite sense, like it’s time to go your separate ways. This, too, deserves compassion and respectful conversations (e.g., do NOT send a breakup text!). Unattached? Lust might override your need for trust, and while there’s nothing wrong with following your desires, know what you’re getting yourself into because getting OUT of it might be trickier.

And just like that…it’s all about you! The month kicks off with an Aquarius full moon on August 1, a potent supermoon at that. In your first house of visibility and personal passions, this full moon could catalyze something that puts your name on the map or casts you as an innovator.

As much as you might enjoy the attention and lightness, you’re also invited to dive into the deep end of the pool, Aquarius With motivator Mars in Virgo and your eighth house of research, merging and shared finances until September 23, this month is all about powerful alliances and transformational projects. The key will be to focus! And to filter. With Venus retrograde in your partnership sector, you could attract a few duds or run into friction with someone you thought was a great professional match.

Knowing where to direct your energy could get tricky at times thanks to the high retrograde season we’re in. At the start of the month, four planets (Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto) are all retrograde, two of them in Pisces and your financial zone. Translation: Slow down! Better to stall and make a more deliberate decision than rush into something that doesn’t serve you 

Plot some money moves at the August 30 Pisces full supermoon, which will illuminate your second house of work and financial gain. Update your resume with your most recent achievements. Put your name in the ring for a promotion or plum project. This could be a great financial moment for you, so be ready!

Love Days: 10, 16

Money Days: 22, 30

Luck Days: 20, 1

Off Days: 12, 17, 26

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