Pisces Monthly Horoscope – Free Pisces Horoscope for March 2023 From the AstroTwins

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Wrap up the revelry and focus on brass tacks. We know, we know…that does NOT sound like the summer fun you were looking for, Pisces. But you’ll be glad you rolled up your sleeves and took care of all the details because frankly, it’s just that time.

Why now, you may ask? For starters, harmonizer Venus is retrograde in Leo and your sixth house of health, organization and administrative tasks all month long. Translation: Clean that mess up! (And that one too.) Whether that means attacking the piles and files you’ve scattered all over the place, detoxing your diet or hiring some extra hands to help out, it’s time to get your life in order. Payment may be made in cash, pizza or karma points—your choice.

Bottom line: It’s Leo season until August 23. And while that may spell hedonism to other signs, for you, the debauchery happens a month earlier, during Cancer season (from June 21 to July 22). With any luck, you’ve gotten all the decadence out of your system—and enjoyed every second. Now, you might be craving more order and simplicity, a scaled-back approach. 


It’s not just Venus demanding this life audit/life edit. Three other planets (Saturn, Neptune and Pluto) are also retrograde this whole month and TWO are in your sign. Both structured Saturn and empathic Neptune are reverse-commuting through Pisces, revealing where your boundaries have been too porous or perhaps non-existent. Do you know where others leave off and you begin? Are you feeling empowered and self-sovereign, or a little shaky out there on your own?  

Prepare for the answer to illuminate itself at the start AND the end of the month. August features a rare double dose of full moons—both supermoons —and the second one’s in your sign! You’ll have a chance to release what no longer serves you at the August 1 Aquarius full moon, which lands in your twelfth house of closure, rest and healing, calling for a serious time-out. Surrender the struggle, Pisces. Relinquish some control and let the universe handle the details. Send an SOS to the Pisces support squad if that’s what it takes!

When the Sun moves into Virgo on August 23, your partnership sector heats up for a month. But choose your co-pilots carefully. Communication planet Mercury turns retrograde the same day, messing with technology, travel and all of your interactions. On August 28, Uranus joins the retrograde brigade, adding static on the line. 

But despite all that, you get to finish the month triumphant! On August 30, all your efforts will show you how worthwhile they are as the year’s only Pisces full moon beams into your first house of visibility and personal passions. Something you’ve been working on since your birthday could come full-circle or reach an important turning point. You’re ready to step into your own light now, Pisces. Here’s your invitation.

It’s Leo season until August 23

With the sun in energetic Leo and your sixth house of health, organization and analytical thinking until August 23, you’re juggling a bunch of tasks on various to-do lists, and maybe trackers, too! You’ll be in clean-up mode with everything from your diet to your office space. 

You’ll have even more cosmic support for a “whole-life reno” and decluttering this year, Pisces. Beautifying Venus will be retrograde in Leo until September 3, a six-week cycle that began on July 22. Take inventory and bring the bliss back! Are your home and workspace giving you the constant flow of energy you’re going to need to tackle all these projects? Now’s thclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” e right time for an energizing Feng Shui checkup. Stay aware of your screen time, sleep and exercise. Are you striking a proper balance between work and wellness?

Caveat: Venus retrograde in this persnickety part of your chart can bring out perfectionism and flaw-finding. You might start picking at all the little faults in a partner or in yourself. It doesn’t help that “swimsuit season” is coinciding with Venus retrograde, so if you find yourself going down a body-shaming spiral, please add some self-love reinforcements. That could affirmations to a social media detox to doing some gentle movement that makes you feel great in your body. Reminder: Don’t desecrate the temple of your soul by comparing yourself to unrealistic images and standards, Pisces!

The Aquarius full supermoon is on August 1

A double emphasis on endings and closure appears in the sky this August 1, when the Aquarius full moon beams into your twelfth house of healing and conclusiclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ons. Both full moons AND the twelfth house symbolize completion, and this powerful supermoon is here to usher you through the door into the next phase, Pisces. 

Whether you’ve reached an important milestone or are simply ready for that next chapter, you’re invited to wrap this phase up with gratitude and acceptance. Maybe things didn’t turn out exactly as you hoped (yet) or you need to cut your losses and move on. That’s okay, Pisces. And if you can’t do it all at once, don’t worry. 

Look back to the Aquarius new moon of January 21 for clues about major changes you could make or baggage you’re ready to shed. Pay attention to signs, serendipities and whispers from your intuition as your already dialed-in line to the divine is stronger than ever!

The August 16 Leo new moon inspires you to get organized

The get-‘er-done vibe is amplified by the year’s only Leo new moon on August 16, beaming into your sixth house of wellness and order and prompting you to purify and plan ahead. Anything from your desk to your diet is fair game. Set ambitious fitness and organizational goals now—and be ready to reap the rewards of your efforts when the Leo full moon arrives on January 25, 2024.

Just watch out for frustration that could spring for trying to multitask or handle too many decisions and details at once. The new moon will form an incendiary square to disruptive Uranus in your communication house. Unexpected news could derail the best-laid weekend plans. 

You’re also at risk for getting into one of those endless argument loops, where the class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” harder you try to debate your way out of it, the deeper a hole you dig yourself into. With the new moon in close proximity to Lilith, the “dark moon” point, things could get loud and hostile fast. 

If you find yourself overthinking or on the verge of a shouting match, do something totally novel. Put the topic on ice for a few hours (as best you can) and get out in nature for physical activity and a mindset refresh!

Virgo season begins on August 23 and powers up partnerships

When Virgo season starts on August 23, your seventh house of relationships and mutuality is activated, and key partnerships take center stage for a month. Even with Venus retrograde trying to meddle for another week, you’ll still start naturally gravitating toward collaborations.

The key is to invest in relationships that can go the distance. Give your energy to those who are capable of an equal give-and-take. Work out any kinks that are disrupting your most important bonds—and move the superficial folks to the sidelines. 

During Virgo season, you may be a bit more tired as the Sun is at its farthest point in the sky from your Sun. Remember, Pisces: You don’t have to do it all yourself. Ask for a helping hand, and you’ll be surprised how many are proffered!

But…Mercury turns retrograde from August 23 to September 15

Is this some kind of cosmic joke? Right as the Sun enters Virgo, Mercury (Virgo’s ruling planet) turns retrogradclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” e that same day, scrambling signals with technology, travel and communication. Take your time before locking in any binding commitments. From August 23 to September 15, Mercury retrograde can disrupt the balance between you and your closest crew and collaborators. 

On the verge of making a partnership official? You could have second thoughts about moving ahead. If you get a case of cold feet, step back and evaluate whether it’s legitimate red flag or just your own fear. Couples could misunderstand each other and have heated arguments during Mercury retrograde. Make a conscious effort to practice patience, especially with your inner circle. Instead of jumping down someone’s throat, make sure you’ve heard them correctly first!

Audit Team Pisces at the Sun-Saturn opposition on August 27

Are you writing people off before giving them a chance? On August 27, the annual Sun-Saturn opposition could deliver an eye-opening look at the people in your closest circle. Who are the solid supporter that stand by you unconditionally…and who are the sparkle ponies just there for a good time?

Think twice before dismissing people who don’t instantly wow you. As the illuminating Sun crosses streams with your ruler, discerning Saturn, good things may come in unexpected packages. Who knows? Your polar opposite could turn out to be the missing puzzle piece. 

Although you might not see eye-to-eye on every issue, a collaboration could pay off in the long run. But know your bottom line. Compromises should still feel like win-wins. Don’t sacrifice your vision to get into anyone’s good graces today!

Uranus turns retrograde in your communication house on August 28

Mix it up, Pisces. On August 28, changemaker Uranus will turn retrograde until January 27, 2024, backtracking through Taurus and your third house of community and communication.

If you’ve been hunting for a new ‘hood or fascinating new friends in your own area for the past couple years, this Uranian slowdown could either delay your efforts or help you finally settle down long enough to find what you’re looking for. A friendship that’s been unstable or even damaged by a feud could benefit from an air-clearing conversation—or you may decide to really keep your distance. Your relationship with a sibling or colleague could also go through a Uranian overhaul. 

With the planet of liberation and authenticity tearing through this zone, you won’t hold back. But if a softer delivery is called for, the retrograde could help you with that. And since communication planet Mercury is also retrograde, we highly recommend a gentle approach!

The third house rules multimedia, teaching and writing. Got a trailblazing message to share with the world or an educational product that will blow minds? Maybe you’ve dreamed up a life-hacking app or a cool software idea. With tech-savvy Uranus here, there’s hardly a better person than you to spearhead this idea—it’s certainly worth exploring! 

The retrograde makes the rest of this year ideal for research and development (with a launch once Uranus powers forward in January). If you already have a business, work on your marketing and social media profiles. While you might not roll out a full-scale launch until early next year, it’s a great class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” time to start experimenting and planning.

The Pisces full supermoon on August 30 is all about YOU!

Double your pleasure, Pisces! This August 30 features a rare bonus full moon, aka a blue moon…and it’s in YOUR sign! On top of that, it’s another powerful supermoon. What are you waiting for, a sign or something? This is it—it’s time to step into a new and empowered version of yourself. 

The next two weeks are all about you, Pisces, and there’s to be zero guilt about that. You’ve been hosting Saturn in your sign since this past March, which has been putting you through your paces and forcing you to work hard for what you want. All the more reason to guiltlessly enjoy your rewards. You’ve earned them!

If you’re saying “what rewards?” then this is also a Pisces full moon wakeup call. This full supermoon is a divine directive to start putting yourself in first place. Not because you’re neglecting others (as if!) but because you have to put your own oxygen mask on before you can assist anyone else. If you need to advocate for yourself or promote a passion project, the stars support you. Got a big announcement to drop or a creation to debut? Craft that viral post and book the venue! Pro tip: Schedule the actual grand opening for after September 15, when Mercury retrograde is over.

Press go or hit pause? Your love life is pulling you in dueling directions this month, Pisces. On the one hand, passionate Mars is in Virgo and your relationship house through August 27 (followed by a plunge into Libra and your erotic eighth house until October 12). 

There’s a strong push toward making things official for single Pisces. For couples, Mars will energize your commitment, adding tension that might spark a bit more fighting, but could translate into sizzling bedroom chemistry. 

One of you may be anxious about where the relationship is going, applying pressure. Demanding behavior is common when high-key Mars is in the picture. And while you don’t want to be strung along, there’s a good reason to sloooooow down this August.

That reason is Venus, the other love planet, who happens to be in powered-down retrograde for the entire month. This tricky six-week cycle, which spans from July 22 until September 3, hits the pause button on fast-moving romantic plans and can even bring past loves or unresolved issues churning back up.

Venus is retrograde in Leo and your analytical sixth house, which can make you anxious, perfectionistic and flaw-finding in romantic matters. Catch yourself when you start picking yourself or a partner apart. Is this happening because you genuinely see a problem? Or have you been sweeping issues under the rug and ignoring how much they bug you? 

Now that Venus retrograde has taken the rose-colored glasses off, those small issues could be magnified to the opposite extreme. But the stars caution against going into fix-it overdrive. Find a neutral third party to talk through what’s bothering, rather than unleashing all that bottled-up frustration on your boo. And make sure to MOVE! With Venus awry in your healthy sixth house, exercise and self-care will help you put problems into perspective.

From August 13 to 18, Venus is making its “inferior conjunction” with the Sun, meaning it will disappear from our view. This is THE window of opportunity to finally put old patterns to bed. And if you do, the August 22 Venus-Jupiter square could help you find the right words to express your needs without making your partner wrong.

Lean on your people, Pisces. With motivator Mars in Virgo and your partnership house until August 27, this is a great time to collaborate. Get feedback and leads from your closest colleagues. Explore ways you can create a win-win with someone whose skills complement yours. 

But don’t rush into anything official unless you’re 100 percent ready. On August 23, Mercury, the planet that rules technology and contracts, will turn retrograde in Virgo until September 15. This can be a tricky time for paperwork, since key details can be missed. A promising negotiation could stall. Let it rest instead of forcing it. Things could come together in the second half of September. 

Another reason to pace yourself? This month opens with four planets retrograde, and two (Saturn and Neptune) are in your sign. By the end of the month, the retrograde count will be up to six. So you’ll want to be slow and deliberate with everything you do. 

Don’t let that stop you from debuting one of your big initiatives—even if it’s just a teaser—at the end of this month. On August 30, a full supermoon will rise in Pisces, and it’s a day to make a strong impression. 

Love Days: 12, 17

Money Days: 24, 5

Luck Days: 22, 30

Off Days: 16, 20

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